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TOP 20 - Cele mai proaste versuri din istorie

calendar_month 13 Aug 2015, 00:00

Am gasit pe Internet un top foarte interesant al celor mai penibile versuri din istorie. Intrebarea de la care porneste totul este urmatoarea: "Unde sunt toti poetii" Rapunsul: "Sunt toti in angrenati in fenomenul muzicii pop!" Sa vedem cine sunt cei 20 de protagonisti ai acestui top si care sunt versurile care au castigat "respectul" lumii.

Locul 20: Elton John - "If I was a sculptor. But then again, no."

Locul 19: Shakira - "Lucky that my breasts. Are small and humble. So you don`t confuse. Them with mountains."

Locul 18: 50 Cent - "I love you like. A fat kid loves cake"

Locul 17: U2 - "There`s an insect. In your ear. If you scratch. It won't disappear."

Locul 16: Slayer - "Relentless lust Of rotting flesh To thrash the tomb she lies. Heathen whore Of Satan`s wrath, I spit at your demise"

Locul 15: REM - "Leaving was never my proud"

Locul 14: Eminem: - "I ain`t never seen An ass like that. The way you move it You make my pee-pee go `Doing-doing-doing`"

Locul 13: America - "There were plants And birds And rocks And things"

Locul 12: Culture Club - "Time is like a clock in my heart"

Locul 11: The Bangles - "I wish it was Sunday. That`s my fun day. My I-don`t-have-to-run day"

Locul 10: Natalie Imbruglia - "I`m all out of faith. This is how I feel"

Locul 9: Vanilla Ice - "Now you`re amazed. By the VIP posse. Steppin` so hard. Like a German Nazi"

Locul 8: Shania Twain - "My panty line shows. Got a run in my hose. My hair went flat. Man, I hate that"

Locul 7: Saves the Day - "I don`t think that I`ve got the stomach To stomach calling you today"

Locul 6: Michael Jackson - "Your butt is mine"

Locul 5: Paul McCartney - "But if this ever-changing world in which we live in..."

Locul 4: Puff Daddy - "Young, black and famous. With money hangin` Out the anus"

Locul 3: Madonna - "I don`t like cities, But I like New York. Other places Make me feel like a dork"

Locul 2: Culture Club - "War is stupid And people are stupid"

Locul 1: Sade - "Coast to coast, L.A to Chicago"

M.P., editor

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